Why not do a podcast? With this simple question, it all began. The idea behind the ‘Voices Of Russ Ballard Podcast’ came to our minds during the summer of 2020. It was originally planned as a series of 12 podcasts for one year. The intention behind the podcast is very simple: We hope to entertain Russ’s fans out there a little with well known guest stars to share their memories with us.

The podcast is an addition to the facebook group ‘The Voices Of Russ Ballard’. A group, where we wanted to give the fans a place where they can share their memorabilia and Russ related stories. Alongside the official Russ Ballard Facebook page, where you can find all the official news and have a chance to send messages too (Russ reads them and responds).

Join the group by simply clicking the facebook button:

The Voices Of Russ Ballard
The Voices of Russ Ballard Podcast with | John Mod RoganJohn VerityPete ThorpRussBob HenritChris WhiteSteve RodfordFrancie ConwaySpace ElevatorBob BradburyLeo SayerMichael AngelMike MoranGraham Bonnet

“You guys are doing a great job, I do appreciate it you know…”