After Argent, Russ Ballard started his solo career and did a huge tour in 1976. Since then, some more tours took place. You might find some ‘gaps’ in touring between 1976 and the early 90s, when you think of other musicians, who toured more frequently. There is a very simple Russ Ballard answer behind this …’I wanted to see my kids grew up!’. Reason enough, not doing massive tours. Nevertheless he toured with Roger Daltrey in the 80s, as Roger asked him to play the guitar for him. On this tour, the audience saw Russ play some of his hits as well. Playing live is a buzz, as Russ said a couple of times and it looks, like he still loves being on stage.



Rock Meets Classic – The Original

For the first time ever, Russ is doing the Rock Meets Classic Tour in Germany as very special guest.

10.04.2024 – Ludwigsburg (DE)

11.04.2024 – Kempten (DE)

12.04.2024 – Passau (DE)

13.04.2024 – Regensburg (DE)

14.04.2024 – München (DE)

16.04.2024 – Oberhausen (DE)

18.04.2024 – Ingolstadt (DE)

19.04.2024 – Frankfurt (DE)

20.04.2024 – Nürnberg (DE)

21.04.2024 – Würzburg (DE)

28.09.2013 – Lisbon, Coliseo Lisboa

“Thanks everyone who travelled there….you were ‘Magic’ and certainly made it so memorable for us who were on stage.”(Russ Ballard in October 2013)

31.07.2010 – Rock of Ages Festival

28.06.2009 – Nuremberg

29.06.2009 – Augsburg

30.06.2009 – Munich

The Lisbon show had a special guest with Vania Marotti of White Pearl, the band Russ and Chris Winter worked together with on their debut album ‘Rising’

31.08.1996 – Bad Reichenhall